Afib half-day

Today, we talked about management of atrial fibrillation! We reviewed that rate & rhythm control had similar mortality rates and aiming for a HR goal of 110 was non-inferior to HR goal of 80. We talked about 2 risk calculators for anticoagulation and that DOACs have been shown to be non-inferior to warfarin for patients with low CHADsVASC

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STEMI with COVID19 and DKA

Today we discussed a case of a middle aged man with diabetes and hyperlipidemia who presented with subacute viral illness and acute pressure like chest pain, found to have COVID19, and on EKG with ST elevation in lateral leads with 80% LAD occlusion on cardiac cath, as well as DKA.

Study of Acute MI Hospitalizations in Kaiser Northern California
Paper from New York Presbytarian and Columbia proposing a pathway for STEMI at the current time at their institutions given limited capacity.