Contact Information for Clinics/Subspecialties

Updated 1/13/2020


For ANY schedule changes or issues, all people listed need to be notified in addition to current attending on service.

Rotation Administrator Attending Contact
Cardiology Sherry Hamamjy

Meenakshi Aggarwal MD

Susan Zhao (Echo)

Dermatology Aruna Venkatesan MD
Echo Meena Aggarwal
ED Tamara Washington
Endocrinology Cheryl O’Neill

Patty Salmon MD

ENT Kim Shepard
Geriatrics Nirmala Gopalan
GI Louise Leprohon

David Lin MD

Heme/Onc Angie Segovia

Sangeeta Agarwal MD

Nam Cho MD

ID Melanie Bozarth

Supriya Narasimhan MD

Medicine Consult Michelle Wilson MD
Medical Examiner Joseph O’Hara MD

Michelle A. Jordan, MD


Nephrology Mary Jane Monroe

Amul Jobalia MD

Neurology Christoph Karch MD
Neurosurgery Clinic Marco Lee, MD
OB Debbie Garcia

Jennifer Domingo, MD

TT Nguyen

Ophthalmology Carolyn Pan
PACE Nancy Nguyen

Jennifer Lin MD

Palliative Care Nicky Quinlan MD
Pathology Sharmila Pramanik
Pediatrics Stanford Peds Chiefs

Celia Radcliffe

Ashna Khurana MD

Jennifer Foreman MD,

Psychiatry Harriet Roeder MD
Pulmonary Eric Hsiao MD

Angie Segovia

Radiology Peter Phan, MD
Rheumatology Lupe Ibanez

Veronika Sharp MD

Social Medicine Cheryl Ho MD

Marce Abare
Stanford/VA Stanford Chiefs

Karina Delgado


Vivian Miller (VA only) (VA)

Surgery Tanya Johnson

Lou Salamone

TB/Refugee Clinic Andrea Polesky MD
Transfusion Med Kerry Keating