Roots South bay clinics

Roots South Bay Clinic is an affiliated clinic of the main Roots Community Health Center located in Oakland. Roots focuses on comprehensive health which encompasses primary, preventative, urgent care and mental & behavioral health.

Roots is committed to eliminating health disparities and improving health outcomes for the patient populations above.  They serve a diverse patient population which is primarily ethnic minorities, underserved, un/underinsured. 

The roles and responsibilities of residents are similar to general ambulatory/MPC in that you see/call a patient independently then discuss your assessment & plan with Dr. Golden, place necessary orders and then dispo. However you aren’t assigned a patient panel nor are you required to see certain patients.  There are many opportunities to do procedures (skin biopsy, I&D & suturing, etc) and see OBGYN patients if interested.

There are further opportunities to engage in other aspects of Root’s clinic such as Oakland Center, Covid Testing/Vaccination or Mental Health at Ujima, etc… exist if interested. This site also serves other learners including Kaiser IM residents, occasional Stanford medical student and NPs/PAs

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