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  • Team B workroom is located in 2A. Door code is 2 and 4 pressed simultaneously, followed by 3
  • After logging in for the first time, add the team room printer to your account by typing into the “search” bar on lower left toolbar: \\VHAPALPRTOM01. Run the command and search for printer PAL-DP170746
  • To send pages, use and enter the pager number you find on Amion (password “pava”)
  • Nutrition room code in 2A is 1-3-5
  • Morning report is in 2C conference room
  • Noon conference is in the administrative wing beyond 2C
  • Dial 9-1 before calling an outside line
  • Forward the pager after every signout to 650-723-4000.
  • Log into your Vocera daily and add yourself to Team Bravo Intern 2. Remember to add yourself to the Code team on Day 4 call. Remember to add yourself to other roles after receiving signout on a call day.
  • Use Medicine Inpt 14004 template for progress notes. Use “Patient Data Objects” in templates to import macros such as vitals, active medications, active problems, etc.
  • Handoff sheet is in CPRS -> Tools -> Handoff. Double-click to remove patients that aren’t yours. Then submit the list to view and edit the handoffs.
  • Remember to renew labs by the end of each day for morning 6AM lab collect. If you select DAILY on frequency of lab, you can put in max 3 days, and they will carry over.
  • On Medicine Orders, use Predischarge Orders: Predischarge planning to alert nurses, pharmacy, and GMC-PACT provider follow-up to order scheduling for PCP follow-up.
  • For patients being discharged to home, discharge instructions must be signed before they leave. For patients being discharged to SNF/rehab, discharge summary (and often a POLST form) must be signed before they leave.  Use template Medicine Discharge Summary. You can add additional signers to your discharge summary to alert PCP or specialty follow-up.


Thanks to Violet Lin (TY 2020) for these awesome tips!

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