Welcome to Valley!

1) Orientation Video

2) Contact sheet 

3) Schedule– you can access this to see your days off and who to receive sign out from and who to sign out to. Amion will lag in updates but please also check your schedules on amion as below.

  • Website: amion.com | Password: scvh 
  • Get there by going to: Amion → select Medicine Residents in the drop down menu → change the date to a date you are at Valley → find your name with your Team color, senior resident, and attending

4) Configure your phone so you can use your Haiku app at SCVH. This must be completed prior to your rotation as we transitioned away from pagers and use the Secure Chat Haiku function exclusively for communications regarding patient care.

5) Setting up remote access.

6) Please park in the Visitor Parking lot. You can pick up your Valley badge in the Department of Medicine (DOM) office. Please arrive 6:50 AM latest to receive sign out in 1A085. You will have to go through room 1A082A to get to 1A085. Your badges will be in the mailboxes along the wall on the first day. Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to get to the DOM. Password: scvh

7)The location of team rooms are as follows: 6A174 Orange, 6A018 Gray, 5A174 Red, 5A018 Blue, 1A089 Yellow, 1A089 Green, 1A010 Tan, 1A010 Pink . Find map here.

8) Link tree – See helpful links while at valley

9) Intern Survival Guide

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