California Medical License Information

Emailed by Alex Nguyen 8/5/15:
1. Check your county emails, Jovanah just sent email saying, “The county agrees to pay 100% towards licensure fees for residents in their second year of training however, you must submit no later than 60 days after completing first year of training (6/24/15). Please submit all required documentation to me by 8/21. If you submit late you will receive 75%.”
2. You can apply online at and you will probably need to fill out nearly all the forms under the application tab here:
3. I went here for livescan: I think it was cheapest one in Santa Clara at $15 and a quick walk-in after work. There is also a post-office in the same complex so you can mail everything right after you get your fingerprint.
4. I went to UPS in Campbell for notary service, it was $10. (don’t forget you need a passport photo)
5. You can get your USMLE transcript from here: it was $70 for two transcripts
6. You apply for DEA licensure after getting your medical board license
7. Make sure you get a receipt from everything you spend money on, and also a copy of credit card statement, etc for reimbursement (total was $907.50 for the license, $70 for USMLE transcript, $15 for livescan, $10 for notary), Jovanah and Amy are figuring out if we get reimbursement for the transcript/livescan/notary services so keep your receipts for that just in case.
8. FYI on the application you can use your work email (751 S Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128) so you don’t list your private home as a public address. They will mail you confirmatory letter and it will be dropped in your mailbox.

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