AM Report SIM Session

Great session with our pulmonary critical care attendings Dr. Friedenberg and Dr. Gohil. This is our safe environment to practice rapid response/code scenarios and receive feedback which we do monthly. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Clinical Pearls: 

  • ABCDEFG: ABCs…don’t ever forget glucose! Make sure to check the fingerstick glucose during codes. It’s quick, easy, and can save lives!
  • During a code, no “air orders” and make sure to close the loop
  • As the code leader, be concrete with your instructions and delegation of tasks
  • Carry your code cards and take a look at the H’s and T’s when you are stuck
  • Remember that patients who are altered and unable to protect their airways are not good candidates for BIPAP, these patients often just need intubation
  • Post-intubation codes: Remember that sedation, hypotension from decreased preload/positive pressure ventilation, air-trapping from hyperventilation, and ventilator dysynchrony can lead to post-intubation code situations.

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