Ophtho-Medicine Morning Report

Thanks to Zach, one of the Stanford ophthalmology residents, for teaching us about the eye today at morning report! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Eye Pain: Usually related to pathology with the ANTERIOR segment of the eye. If pain resolves with topical anesthetic, think about dry eyes/external irritant.
  • Photophobia: Usually caused by ciliary body spasm
  • Inflammation from outside to inside:
    • Blepharitis: Eyelid inflammation
    • Conjunctivitis: Bacterial/viral/allergic
    • Scleritis/Episcleritis: Can be associated with collagen vascular disease (RA common)
    • Keratitis: Corneal inflammation, HSV classic cause
    • Iritis: Inflammation of the Iris
    • Uvea = Ciliary body + Choroid + Iris
      • Anterior Uveitis
      • Posterior Uveitis
    • Retinitis: Pt’s may report flashing lights
  • Retinal Detachment is classically described as a curtain over the eyes
  • Cherry red spot is seen in central retinal artery occlusion 

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