9/21/15 Morning Report – Cameron Lesions

Thanks to Madison Pham for presenting today!

Teaching Pearls:

  • Cameron Lesions are associated with large hiatal hernias and are linear erosions in the gastric mucosa secondary to the mechanical sliding through the hernia
  • The most common causes of Upper GI Bleeds are:
    • Peptic Ulcer Disease (38%)
    • Esophageal Varices (16%)
    • Esophagitis (13%)
    • Malignancy (7%)
    • Angioectasias (6%)
  • Uncommon causes of UGIB: Mallory-Weiss Tear, Dieulafoy lesions, Cameron lesions, Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia, Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy, Hemobilia, Osler-Weber-Rendu
  • MKSAP Pearl: Polyps >1cm or villous features require repeat colonoscopy in 3 years.

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