Resident Report 1/14 -Thrombosis

Teaching Pearls:

  • Inherited Thrombotic Diseases
    • Factor V Leiden
      • Moderate risk of thrombosis
    • Prothrombin G2120A mutation
      • Moderate risk of thrombosis
    • Protein C Deficiency (higher risk of thrombosis)
    • Protein S deficiency (higher risk of thrombosis)
    • ATIII Deficiency (higher risk of thrombosis)
  • Factor V Leiden is the most common inherited thrombotic disease
    • Occurs in 5% of Caucasians
    • Heterozygotes have 5-fold increase in thrombosis; double hit has 50-fold increase.
  • Treatments for coagulation reversal
    • FFP
      • Plasma containing normal factors
      • May take 1-2 hours for action
      • Higher volume load
    • Kcentra
      • Concentrate with factors II, VII, IX, and X
      • Immediate
    • Vitamin K
      • Duration of action approximately 4-12 hours

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