Resident Report 4/11 – Ca oxalates

Teaching Points:

  • Calcium oxalate crystals
    • Seen in patients with ethylene glycol toxicity, leading to renal failure
    • Urine microscopy notable for envelope-shaped or dumb bell shaped crystals
  • Uric Acid crystals
    • Seen in high uric acid excretion states (tumor lysis syndrome)
    • Urine microscopy notable for rhomboid shaped crystals
  • Struvite crystals
    • Seen in urine infections with bacteria that produce basic pH
    • Examples include ureaplasma urealyticum infections
    • Formation of magnesium ammonium phosphate crystals
    • Urine microscopy notable for coffin-shaped crystals
  • Cystine crystals
    • Seen in patients with cysteinuria
    • Urine microscopy notable for hexagon-shaped crystals

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