06/30 Neutropenic fever Morning Report



>38.3 fever or >38 sustained for one hour
-ANC<500 or ANC expected to decrease <500 within 48 hours

Empiric therapy (give as soon as possible for neutropenic fever, <30-60 minutes)

1)Cefepime 2 gm IV q8h
2)Meropenem 1 gm q8h (or other carbapenem but NOT Ertapenem as misses pseudomonal coverage)
3)Zosyn 4.5 g IV q6-8h
4)Ceftazidime 2 gm IV q8h (less often used due to resistance patterns)

*If concern for anerobic infection, can add Flagyl to Cefepime or if suspecting C.diff
*No proven benefit to one empiric therapy over another

When to add Vancomycin to empiric therapy

1)Severe sepsis/HD unstable
3)MRSA colonization
4)Suspected CVC related infection
5)Previously on Quinolone prophylaxis
6)Skin/soft tissue infections
7)+ BC for GPC

*Can consider discontinuing Vancomycin if negative cultures x 48 hours

How long to treat for with empiric therapy?

-(generally) continue antibiotics until ANC>500 and afebrile if no culture data
-If culture data, treat x 14 days

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