Candida Pyelonephritis – 8/28/17

  • Risk factors for systemic candida include immunosuppression, intravascular catheters (TPN), broad spectrum antibiotics
  • Infection is considered systemic once you have positive blood cultures
    • Once you are concerned for systemic infection, make sure to get an Ophthalmology consult to rule out endophthalmitis!
  • Start with an echinocandin for treatment unless you have a UTI, meningitis, or endophthalmitis in which cause you should use an azole medication
  • If you have evidence of Candida glabrata then an azole may not work because there tends to be resistance
    • If you have Candida glabrata meningitis, UTI, or endophthalmitis, you should start with amphotericin until you have susceptibilities
  • Do not treat asymptomatic candiduria unless the patient is neutropenic or had recent urologic procedures done

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