Morning Report 11/12/15 APLS and Bilateral PEs

  • Diagnostic Criteria for APLS: Need ONE lab criteria (confirmed 12 weeks apart) and ONE clinical criteria.
    • LAB Criteria: B2 Glycoprotein, Anti-Cardiolipin antibody, or lupus anticoagulant (as measured by prolonged DRVVT which does not correct with a mixing study)
    • CLINICAL Criteria: Any Thrombosis (venous/arterial) OR fetal loss/miscarriage
  • APLS can be a primary disorder or secondary to other disease (usually Lupus)
  • Clinical Features of APLS: 50% have prolonged PTT, 20% with livedo reticularis, cardiac valvular disease (MR), 32% DVT, 13% stroke, 7% hemolytic anemia
  • Massive PE refers to PE causing hemodynamic instability (SBP < 90) while submassive PE refers to PE causing right heart strain without hypotension
  • Right heart strain from PE: Look for signs of right ventricular hypertrophy and dilatation on EKG, Echo. McConnell’s sign on ECHO is RV hypokinesis with apical sparing

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