5/19/16 Aeromonas SBP – morning report

Teaching Pearls

  • Aeromonas is a Gram Negative Rod and is the third leading cause of SBP in Korea
  • It causes a warm season diarrheal disease
  • Remember the three indications for SBP prophylaxis:
    • History of SBP, lifelong prophylaxis
    • Cirrhosis with GI Bleed, 7 days of prophylaxis
    • Ascitic protein < 1, prophylax while inpatient
  • Don’t forget to give Albumin 1.5grams/kg on Day 1 and 1.0gram/kg on Day 3 for patients with SBP
  • Remember to think about secondary bacterial peritonitis (from intestinal perforation, PUD) in the differential for SBP
  • Check out this review on AeromonasSBP!

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