Morning Report 12/30/15

  • Cryptococcosis is treated with Flucytosine, Ambisome for 2 weeks of Induction, and the Fluconazole for maintenance
  • Include Bacillary angiomatosis on the differential for Kaposi’s Sarcoma
  • Fungal infections can be due to Yeasts, Molds, or Dimorphic Fungi
    • Yeast: Think Single Celled Organisms, Candida and Cryptococcus
    • Mold: Think Filamentous with Hyphae. Aspergillus,  Mucor
    • Dimorphic Fungi: Can be both yeast or molds depending on the Temperature. Includes Histo, blasto, cocci
  • We didn’t get to this today, but here is a framework for organizing anti-fungal medications!

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