Malaria (P. Falciparum) – 03/06/2018


M2There are 2 main stages –> Hepatic stage and RBC Stage

  • 1) Infected Anopheles mosquito bites a human and transmits sporozoites into the bloodstream
  • 2) Sporozoites (spore-like stage) travel to the liver and invade hepatocytes
    • Then they divide to form hepatic schizonts (“schizo-“ meaning divided)
    • The incubation period lasts about 2 weeks!
  • 3) Hypnozoites (specific to P. vivax and ovale) can remain quiescent in the liver until reactivation, causing relapse after months
  • 4) Schizonts rupture and release merozoites into the circulation which invade RBCs (RBC Schizont) and start this infection cycle
    • OR  5) Merozoites can turn into gametocytes that are taken up and spread by another mosquito







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