Endocarditis – 7/17/17

Risk Factors for developing Endocarditis

  • Dental procedure that penetrates the gums
  • Prior endocarditis
  • Prosthetic valves
  • IVDU
  • Immunosuppression

Common Organisms

  • Staph
  • Strep
  • Enterococcus


  • Fever (most common)
  • Murmur
  • Splinter hemorrhages
  • Janeway lesions (non-tender erythematous macules on palms and soles)
  • Osler nodes (tender, subcutaneous nodules, on pads of fingers and toes)
  • Roth spots (exudative edematous hemorrhages in the retina)

Indications for surgical repair

  • New heart failure
  • Perivalvular abscess/extension
  • Conduction abnormalities
  • Persistent bacteremia
  • Prosthetic valves
  • Septic emboli
  • Large vegetation > 10-15 mm
  • Resistant organisms




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